Anthony Branch

In 1977, high school football player Anthony Branch found a home in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not by scholarship or heavy recruiting, but through the school’s developing walk-on program. For Branch, it was simple – he moved from Idaho to Lincoln because he believed in Coach Tom Osborne and the University of Nebraska. And he wanted to prove it.

For the next three seasons, Branch poured his heart into the team, earning a spot on the roster as a wingback on teams that won conference titles, played in New Year’s Day Bowl games and finished in the Top Ten. It was during this time he would form an unbreakable bond with his teammates and coaches; a bond that remains just as strong to this day.

Now, 42 years after finding his family on the football field at Memorial Stadium, Anthony Branch is in dire need of our help. Early this month, Branch received a diagnosis of kidney cancer. Shortly after, doctors recommended he have both kidneys removed immediately while those around Branch attempt to expedite the kidney transplant process. Anthony then reached out to the Nebraska Greats Foundation which serves former athletes with emergency medical needs. He tapped into the NGF’s national following for assistance.

"A week ago, I had both of my kidneys removed because of cancer, and I'm in dire need of a new kidney. I know this would be a major, major endeavor for someone to take upon. But it would be greatly appreciated."

Anthony Branch needs a living-donor kidney transplant immediately. If you are willing to donate or know of anyone who is willing to assist Branch and his family at this time, please click the information below.

After playing football for the University of Nebraska, Branch started a career in financial services and eventually transitioned to real estate investments. For over 35 years, he coached Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball, working with kids from third grade through high school.

Branch is a loving father to 10 children and 21 grandchildren. Unfortunately, his kidney issues stem from a hereditary condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease, which is an inherited disorder in which clusters of cysts develop around one’s kidneys, causing them to lose function over time. Due to this condition’s genetic nature, Branch’s children and grandchildren are unable to donate.

"I know this would be a major ask, but it would be greatly appreciated. My family and I would be truly blessed, and we would forever be grateful. Thank you."

In His Words


Anyone who is healthy and eligible to be a kidney donor can give Anthony the gift of life.  A donor does not have to be a direct match, can live anywhere in the US, and will have access to donor protections and resources. To learn more please contact:

Medical City Fort Worth

Kathryn Lozano, BSN, RN, CCRN

All inquiries will be held in complete confidence.  There is no commitment required to learn more.