Former Wayne State Football Player Latest Recipient of Support From the Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (501c-3) proudly announces the awarding of another life changing
grant to a former Nebraska College Athletics letter winner.

Drew Caskey, a two-year letter winner in football at Wayne State College (2000-2001) suffered a serious
hip injury while playing. It grew progressively worse until doctors recently advised a complete hip
replacement procedure. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Drew was furloughed from his position at the
University of Nebraska and was left with a financial hardship, unable to access the procedure, travel
costs and post-operative care. His application was reviewed for qualification and approved by the NGF
Board of Directors.

Says Caskey, “Faced with the daunting diagnosis of needing a total hip replacement (THR) at just 39
years old, I reached out to the Nebraska Greats Foundation for financial assistance in hopes of achieving
a surgical alternative procedure to resolve the degenerative joint disease in my right hip. My life had
come to a grinding halt due to my painful arthritic hip. I learned that I needed total hip replacement at
just 39 years old. Then the global pandemic hit. Nonetheless I was now faced with financial hardship
due to the furlough assignment from my job.

In stepped the Nebraska Greats Foundation offering to help with out-of-pocket expenses and travel
costs so I could get the best surgeon possible. I knew that help for travel expenses is very rare!
I am forever grateful to the Nebraska Greats Foundation because without them, my dream of traveling
to New York to undergo Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), by renowned orthopedic surgeon, Edwin P.
Su, M.D., and receive the “gold standard” of hip resurfacing implants, would have stayed just that, a
dream and never a reality. Thank you for helping me get back to winning in the game of life!”