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Get your tickets for the Nebraska Greats Foundation Celebrity Sports Night. February 28, 2019
With presentation of the inaugural Andra Franklin Service Award and a panel discussion with Bruce D. Rasmussen, Trev Alberts and Bill Moos.

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What is the Nebraska Greats Foundation?
The Nebraska Greats Foundation provides financial assistance to former Nebraska collegiate athletes who, as a result of a medical challenge, have exhausted both their insurance and personal resources. Some were stars. Some played supporting roles. But they all helped make Nebraska athletics special. And most importantly, they are all fellow Nebraskans. And in Nebraska, we take care of our own.

Support is available for any collegiate athlete who lettered in any sport from the following Nebraska institutions:

Bellevue University Wayne State College Peru State
Midland University Chadron State Hastings
Doane York College College of St. Mary
Creighton Nebraska Wesleyan Concordia University
UNL UNO UNK University of NE. at Kearney

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“You never think you’re going to be that person in the middle of a story that says you need help. But what an honor and relief for me and my family to have the teammates I have and the support of the Nebraska Greats Foundation.”
- David Humm, All-American Quarterback
University of Nebraska Lincoln, 1972-74
How we help
It’s simple. We put our money where our heart is, paying for medical services and goods (prescriptions, equipment, etc.) needed by our recipients. By easing the financial burden of medical care, former athletes can focus on healing their bodies, minds and lives.
We help pay for medical expenses after former athletes have exhausted their own resources.

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We assist athletes in finding solutions to both immediate and long-term needs.

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We restore hope, helping athletes start a new, brighter chapter in their lives.

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A medical problem that may have at first seemed like just another opponent to defeat, another test of one’s resolve, instead turns into a mountain of bills that can’t be overcome by just ‘going out there and giving it 110%.’ That’s where we come in.
- Jerry Murtaugh, Championship-Winning All-American Linebacker
University of Nebraska Lincoln, 1967 - 1971