Former Midland University Soccer Athlete Hannah Receives NGF Grant

As Midland University soccer fanatics and Nebraska women’s sports enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of helping our sports community and seeing it grow. 

We applaud the big effort these athletes put in every day to make Nebraska a better and brighter state for future athlete generations 

That’s why, today, we are excited to share the story of one such athlete who has poured her heart and soul into soccer: Hannah Tillison, Midland University superstar and standout athete. 

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Midland University Soccer Star Hannah Tillison History 

Originally from Oklahoma, Hannah joined Midland University just recently and was a powerful addition to the team. 

Unfortunately, in the middle of a match, just at the beginning of the 2022 season, Tillison suffered a fractured ankle. 

Despite her injury, she played throughout the season with excellent performance, and she even got the 2022 All-GPAC Honorable Mention.

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The Surgeries

In November 2022, she sustained a traumatic brain injury during a quarterfinal game, and while she tried to keep playing as usual, this time, she needed medical attention and to go back to  Oklahoma for recovery and ankle surgery.

Tillison had a history of other medical procedures. Her previous hip injuries, which had been surgically repaired three times, were aggravated due to the strain on her ankle. 

Despite starting her senior year with this hip injury and despite playing until the onset of the conference season, there came a time when the pain became unbearable, leading to an early retirement.

While her athletic career might seem to be cut short, these surgeries will help her to continue to make history and have a healthy life. 

Hannah Tillison’s Medical Journey

The physical injuries Hanna suffered to her hips, ankles, and brain can have profound impacts on the body if not properly managed. 

It’s crucial to provide the necessary care and attention to ensure optimal recovery. The healing process for these types of injuries often requires ample rest and a focus on rehabilitation.

If not done properly, this kind of injury can lead to an uncomfortable life with detrimental effects on the body. 

However, Hannah’s journey is a testament to her strength and perseverance. Despite the health challenges she has faced, she maintains a positive attitude and a happy outlook on life. 

Midlan University Hannah Tillison

How The Nebraska Greats Foundation Served Midland University Soccer Athlete Hannah Tillison

The financial burden of these medical procedures she had through the last year has added an extra layer of stress to her challenging situation, making it hard to manage.

However, at the Nebraska Greats Foundation, we were able to step in and help. Thanks to the financial aid provided, Hannah was able to offset her medical bills and relieve her growing stress.  

This support not only eased the financial burden but also allowed Hannah to focus more on her recovery and less on the daunting costs of her treatments.

“Without the Nebraska Greats Foundation helping me, I would not have been able to pay my medical bills. They were instrumental in navigating me through this process. Now, my medical bills have been taken care of. Thank you to the Nebraska Greats Foundation for helping me through these difficult life circumstances.”

Tillison Remarked.
Hannah Tillison recipient

Midland University And The Nebraska Greats Foundation

At the NGF, we have helped over 30 athletes from different universities, some of them being proud and former students from Midland. We hope to help many more athletes like Hanna on his way to recovery and to release some of the tension that this procedure can cause. 

We recognize the weight of Midland University in the Nebraska sports scene and its role in making this a better community for our athletes, so we are more than proud to be able to help the excellent talent that forms this school. 

For ten years now, the foundation has been serving athletes from the 16 colleges and universities in Nebraska. Our mission is to stand by our athletes.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

We believe that every individual and organization has a role to play in empowering athletes and enriching our community.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to former athletes and ex-athletes from Nebraska’s colleges and universities who face medical challenges. 

Thanks to this support, we can alleviate some of the mental health issues that Nebraska athletes are going through during their recovery process.

If you know of an athlete friend or family member who needs access to specific treatments and services, let us know to potentially alleviate some of the stress associated with managing these conditions.

With your help, we can make the Nebraska sports scene a safer place for our community athletes. Wondering how to help? Donate today or reach out to us. Most donations are tax-deductible.

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