Nebraska Greats Foundation’s executive director, Jim Rose, is ready for a new chapter in his life. After five years of guiding the Nebraska Greats Foundation, in which the organization achieved new records in terms of reach and impact, Rose is set to step away from his position on September 30, 2023.

Under his guidance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation was able to help more recipients than ever before by spreading the message to a wider audience and improving the financial sustainability of the organizations.

About Nebraska Greats Foundation’s Executive Director

His work is a testament to his dedication and passion for the cause that the NGF works for every day, and these past five years have shown everyone his drive, excellence, and commitment to the cause. 

Rose has always been an integral part of the NGF family, having been featured in numerous episodes of the NGF Podcast, being the primary media contact, handling high-resolution file requests, and working closely with all team members of the organization.

Nebraska Greats Foundation's Executive Director Jim Rose Set to Leave

“Five years ago, I asked the Board of Directors to assist me in establishing financial sustainability, reinforcing existing and creating new relationships, and building on a fabulous mission of assisting our sports heroes in their time of need.

I am proud and humbled by the work we’ve done. But in recent months, I’ve been drawn to new projects which need the attention I’ve been committing to the NGF.”

Rose stated about his time at NGF.

Nebraska Greats Foundation’s Executive Director Achievements

The role of an Executive Director, like Jim Rose, is indeed pivotal to an organization like the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF). This role serves as a key component, connecting all facets of the organization while driving its vision forward.

The executive director is in charge of developing and implementing strategies to ensure the organization has the funding it needs to operate effectively and fulfill its mission.

This can include everything from managing budgets and resources to spearheading fundraising efforts and seeking grants or other sources of income. Under Rose’s leadership, the NGF has seen significant improvements in its financial sustainability, allowing it to expand its reach and help more recipients than ever before.

But perhaps most importantly, the Executive Director is responsible for leading with example toward the organization’s mission.

In the case of the NGF, this means assisting athletes in their time of need. As the face of the organization, the Executive Director plays a critical role in promoting this mission, both within the organization and to the public.

Nebraska Greats Foundation's Executive Director Jim Rose Set to Leave (2)

Jim’s Work

“Jim’s work speaks for itself. He hit every goal we had as an organization, managed our growth while carefully stewarding donor funds and reforming our critical systems. We’re going to miss him, but on behalf of all our recipients, we sincerely thank him and respect his decision to step away.”

Said Board President Johnny Dorn

His leadership has helped bring much-needed attention and support to former collegiate athletes in their time of need, positively affecting the lives of members of the Nebraska sports community.

For those who had the privilege of working with Jim, he was more than just a leader – he was a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. His departure will be deeply felt, but his legacy will continue to inspire and guide the Nebraska Greats Foundation.

What is Next for The Nebraska Greats Foundation?

The Board of Directors is reviewing its success in the last five years and intends to begin the search for an Executive Director in the near future.

Looking forward, the Board of Directors is keenly aware of the need to find a successor who can continue the momentum that Rose has set in motion.

The search for a new Executive Director will begin soon, aiming to find someone who can bring someone who stays true to the NGF’s mission the same way Jim did.

In the meantime, the operations of the NGF are in capable hands. The Executive Committee, along with the dedicated staff members, are managing its day-to-day activities and operations.

The departure of Jim Rose marks the end of a remarkable chapter for the NGF. As we prepare for his departure, we do so with immense gratitude for his contributions and a heartfelt wish for his success in future endeavors.