Woodhouse Auto Family Celebrity Sports Night presented by 1st State Bank

Join us on Thursday, April 20 for our 2023 Celebrity Sports Night featuring Coach Dana Altman and NBA star Kyle Korver.


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Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (501C-3 nonprofit) provides financial assistance to any athlete who lettered in a varsity sport at any of the 16 four-year Nebraska-based colleges and universities. Qualified recipients must prove a medical and financial need. All applications are reviewed by licensed medical professionals and approved by the Board of Directors.

Nebraskans care about each other. The NGF gives us all a chance to keep cheering for our athletic greats. - Jerry Murtaugh, All-American Football UNL

Our Vision

The NGF recognizes a growing future need as more and more former collegiate athletes encounter both debilitating and chronic injuries and illnesses. The ongoing and growing lack of access to affordable health care has placed many Americans at great difficulty in addressing their own health care needs. Even states that provide expanded Medicaid leave many out of reach. The NGF will serve this expanding community by offering a private-sector solution to qualified applicants.


To provide medical and financial assistance to in-need former athletes from Nebraska’s 16 four-year Colleges and Universities.

Who We Are

Family, friends and fans of every letter winning male or female athlete from the 16 four-year colleges and universities who face medical and financial challenges.

Who We Serve

Any former letter winning athlete from the 16 four-year colleges and universities in the state of Nebraska who have a qualified medical condition and lack the financial resources to meet their own needs.

Nebraska Greats Foundation

Marcus Blossom

“The NGF is a great organization with the intent of helping those who competed in the state of Nebraska. Its how we think at Creighton and couldn’t be prouder to associate with the Nebraska Greats.”

Director of Athletics - Creighton University

Trev Alberts

Once again, Nebraska leads the way in doing the right thing by helping our student athletes in need. It's an honor for me to be a part of the Nebraska Greats Foundation.

Director of Athletics - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ted Harshbarger

The Nebraska Greats Foundation delivers. They said they'd help our student athletes in need. And they did!

Director of Athletics, Peru State University

Mary Hawkins

It is an honor for us to be a part of the Nebraska Greats Foundation. Our student-athletes today know that we will stand with them tomorrow.

President-Bellevue University

Bruce Rasmussen

This organization really helps people. It has the biggest heart in the state. And it proves what we say, 'once a Bluejay always a Bluejay or once a Husker always a Husker or once a Maverick always a Maverick' In Nebraska we REALLY ARE behind you all the way.

Former Director of Athletics - Creighton University

Irving Fryar

"This is what Nebraska means to me...this is my home away from home. And if I ever need something, I know I can come back here and the people will take care of me."

All-American WB UNL, NFL All-Pro WR

Mike Rozier

"Nothing means more than family. And to me, Nebraska IS family. Great football, but greater people. I LOVE you."

1983 Heisman Trophy winner, RB UNL

Turner Gill

"Nebraska is about relationships, families, communities helping each other. That's why its such a great place."

All-American QB UNL

Tom Dinsdale

Kim and I truly appreciate the commitment the Nebraska Greats Foundation has made to the former sports heroes we all grew up with. The athletes are a big part of what makes Nebraska special. We're glad to be a part of it.

Nebraska businessman and Philanthropist

Krae Dutoit

We are so excited to align our agency with a foundation that prioritizes Nebraska athletics & giving back to local communities. We look forward to being an active participant in changing & directly affecting lives for the better.

CEO GTA Insurance Services (Hastings College letter winner)

Derek Randecker

The Nebraska Greats Foundation has done tremendous things and has big dreams to do even more to help our athletics heroes.

CEO 1st State Bank

Mary Hawkins

It is an honor for us to be a part of the Nebraska Greats Foundation. Our student-athletes today know that we will stand with them tomorrow.

President-Bellevue University

Jerry Murtaugh

A medical problem that may have at first seemed like just another opponent to defeat, another test of one’s resolve, instead turns into a mountain of bills that can’t be overcome by just ‘going out there and giving it 110%.’ That’s where we come in.

All-American Football UNL - Founder of NGF

Willie Miller

The NGF stepped in and was a lifesaver for me. It has given me a whole new life. When we need it, we need to reach out and let this foundation help.

Football UNL 1997-2000
Nebraska Greats Foundation Recipient

Danny Woodhead

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is a way we can help some people in certain situations.

All-American Football Chadron State

Eric Crouch

It's a promise that we keep to every single former athlete in the state of Nebraska.

All-American Football UNL
2001 Heisman Trophy Winner

Brianna Perez

I had medical bills that I couldn't afford to pay...I came across the NGF and they just seemed too good to be true. I am honored to be the first female recipient and am thankful to have found this unique organization.

Softball - York College
Nebraska Greats Foundation Recipient

Zach Miller

Regardless of where you played in Nebraska, we're all connected. We all support each other. And that's a beautiful thing about being here.

All-American UNO Football

David Humm

You never think you're going to be that person in the middle of a story that says you need help. What an honor and relief for me and my family to have the support of the Nebraska Greats Foundation.

All-American Football UNL
Nebraska Greats Foundation Recipient

Maurtice Ivy

Life happens, if you need support, Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help.

All-American Basketball UNL, NGF Board Member
Coach UNO and Peru State