Our Mission: To provide medical and emergency assistance to former athletes, both men and women, who lettered in their respective sports at universities and colleges in the State of Nebraska. If you or someone you know could benefit from our help, we invite you to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any former letter winner from any of the 4 year Nebraska Based college or university (including the former Dana College) with a medical and financial need.
Not all. Currently the NGF does not assist those with substance abuse issues.
Service invoices (medical or insurance bills), bank statements, income statements (check stubs), a letter from your attending physician confirming your condition.
No. The NGF only covers qualified medical expenses such as insurance deductibles, pre and post-operative care, travel to and from treatments, prescriptions, rehab and facilities directly related to the medical condition.
No. The NGF works on behalf of the recipients by negotiating with service providers and issues funds directly to the providers and NEVER to recipients.
Confidentiality is very important. Any and all information is seen only by the members of the Board of Directors, the Administrative Director and the Physicians Review board. At no time, will any medical or financial information be made public. However, each applicant is asked to sign a release of information waiver so that the NGF can publicize the assistance but specific details are withheld.
Currently, the NGF caps all annual grants at $20,000. However, applicants are welcome to apply for future grants.
Each applicant’s condition is different. The NGF does a comprehensive review of each applicant’s financial position and acts accordingly. However, it is expected that each applicant fully exhausts his or her own resources and reaches insurance benefit caps before they are eligible.
Not necessarily. Each case in independently reviewed and if there is a need that is unmet by current benefits, the NGF may be able to provide for it.
Nothing is required however, the NGF appreciates any volunteer time speaking publicly, recorded testimonials on behalf of the NGF and appearing free of charge at our public events.
Sandy Zoroya, Administrative Director at or 702-321-9136.