HOW Donating to NonProfits Can Help Your Business

Donating to NonProfits to HELP Your Business

Donating to nonprofits and local organizations can help improve your business environment, reduce turnover rates, and improve your company’s reputation.

We know that nonprofit and business success are two topics unrelated to each other, but when done right, donations can have a huge impact on your organization.  

Today, we will explore how your business can benefit from becoming a donor for your local nonprofit organizations.

Nebraska greats foundation sponsors non profit

The Weight of Values

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, a company’s values are more than just a set of words on a mission statement hanging on a plaque on your office wall. 

Business core values are the guiding principles that shapes the brand’s identity, influences its operations, and determines its contribution to society. 

Additionally, core values play a crucial role in empowering your employees and teammates. They instill a sense of purpose and motivation for the job they do every day. 

Everybody likes to know that they are contributing to society one way or another. Having these values enables employees to work better together and make informed decisions that align with the company’s views. 

However, how do you show these values? Is your company actively implementing them? And, is your team really seeing the positive effect of these values?

Why Donating to Non-Profits Can Help Your Business Nebraska Greats foundation

Donating to NonProfits

A great way to show you are implementing your business values and vision is through actions. 

They could be things like fundraising, hosting charity events, sponsoring people, and, of course, making donations to nonprofits. 

These actions send a clear and loud message to your audience and employees. 

Partnering with a nonprofit organization like the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) offers a unique opportunity to put your corporate values into action. 

At NGF, we firmly believe in the critical role corporations play in societal advancement and growth. 

By collaborating with us or any other nonprofit of your choice, your company does more than just donate funds.

The Power of Local Movements

You can always give donations through a nonprofit donation platform and save yourself some time and effort. But donating to a local organization has so many more benefits. 

There are two ways of seeing donations to local nonprofits: the first one is as a means of financial support to other organizations, or, the second one is helping build a stronger community.

As a company, you should always see donations as retribution to your environment. By joining forces with us, your company won’t just be donating funds; it will be actively participating in enriching the Nebraska sports community.

This builds goodwill, enhances your company’s reputation, and strengthens ties with essential people in your community.

Moreover, involvement with local nonprofits sends a clear, powerful message to your stakeholders – that your company is committed to making a positive societal impact.

Why Donating to Non-Profits Can Help Your Business

Networking Opportunities by Donating to Nonprofits 

Supporting local nonprofit organizations also opens up a wealth of networking opportunities. 

When you attend nonprofit events, you’re representing your company in a diverse community of like-minded professionals, passionate volunteers, and influential community leaders.

These interactions can lead to meaningful business relationships and even extend beyond the world of business. 

Additionally, these connections can provide insight into community needs, wishes, emerging trends, and innovative solutions.

Foster Long-term Partnerships by Donating to NonProfits

Rather than limiting your involvement to a single instance of sponsorship to many nonprofits, we recommend sticking to one. 

Consider the immense potential that lies in establishing a long-term partnership. In this enduring alliance, your business and the organization can achieve far-reaching impacts.

Think of different ways in which your organization can help your local nonprofits; do you see it lasting through the years? Will this alliance be a win-win? Do they provide something of value to you, your company, and your teams? 

Ask your local nonprofits for their corporate information, packages, and subscriptions. At NGF, for example, we offer two different options for businesses wanting to donate. 

Our goal with this package is that we can create relationships that are equally beneficial. 


Corporate Partner

Requires 4-year commitment

$50,000 per year

Category Exclusive

  • Official Status (aka Official category partner of the Nebraska Greats Foundation)
  • “Presented by” status for Celebrity Sports Night and Golf Classic
  • Preferred Vendor Status (goods and services)
  • One (1) complimentary foursome in annual golf classic
  • One (1) complimentary VIP table at annual celebrity Sports Night
  • Two (2) VIP Tickets to Annual Outland Trophy Awards event
  • Two (2) tickets to annual Husker Athletics Hall of Fame event (if produced by UNL AD)
  • Invitation to annual private golf outing at a Nebraska private golf club for a total of four (4) representatives featuring meals, golf, cart with former athlete (Date, Place by mutual agreement)
  • Permanent “click through” logo placement on home page at
  • Permanent logo placement on all social media communication
  • Permanent logo placement on all external communication
  • One (1) day corporate event (per year) featuring a minimum of one (1) former Athlete (to be mutually agreed upon and based upon availability)
  • Limited rights to official NGF logo and marks
  • Access to weekly “Blog” from former Husker or Blue Jay during football and basketball season
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Point of purchase or office decal or plaque designating “proud to support the Nebraska Greats Foundation.”

Special Friend

Requires 3-year commitment

$20,000 per year

  • Supporting sponsorship position at annual Celebrity Sports Night
  • Supporting sponsorship position at annual golf classic
  • One (1) complimentary foursome in annual golf classic
  • One (1) complimentary VIP table at annual celebrity Sports Night
  • Two (2) VIP Tickets to the Annual Outland Trophy Awards event
  • Two (2) tickets to the annual Husker Athletics Hall of Fame event (if sponsored by UNL)
  • Invitation to an annual “lunch with a legend” private lunch with a former athlete (date and availability TBD)
  • “Click through” logo placement on pages
  • Rotating placement on social media communication
  • Rotating logo placement on all external communication
  • Access to weekly “Blog” from former Husker or Bluejay during football and basketball seasons
  • Point of purchase or office decal or plaque designating “proud to support the Nebraska Greats Foundation.”
  • Monthly newsletter

Tax Benefits of Donating to NonProfits

Beyond the win-win relationships, improving business values, and helping your community, one often overlooked advantage of corporate donations to nonprofit organizations is the potential for significant tax deductions. 

Under IRS guidelines, companies can typically deduct charitable contributions up to a certain percentage of their taxable income, providing a tangible financial benefit come tax season.

These tax benefits not only make giving economically feasible but can also improve your company’s bottom line. 

Why Donating to Non-Profits Can Help Your Business and tax deductible

Team Building with a Twist

Involving your team in the initiatives and events hosted by nonprofits provides unique team-building opportunities. 

Working together towards a shared purpose can foster camaraderie and strengthen bonds among team members.

For fans of the Nebraska sports scene, knowing that they are part of improving athletes’ lives with their work can be a powerful bonding topic of conversation. 

Experiences like this can enhance workplace relationships, improve communication, and boost overall team performance.

Business Donations at NGF

At NGF, we believe that corporations have an essential role to play in fostering societal growth and development. 

At our foundation, we believe that corporate values are not just empty statements; they are the guiding principles that shape a brand’s identity and impact on society. 

By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to showcase your commitment to enriching the Nebraska community and affirm your corporate values in a meaningful and impactful way.

Ready to donate? Talk to one of our team members (702-321-9136) and learn how you can help strengthen the Nebraska sports scene and change the lives of current and former collegiate athletes in their time of need.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

Our Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to both current and former athletes from any one of Nebraska’s 16 colleges and universities who face medical challenges. 

Thanks to this support, we can alleviate some of stress that Nebraska athletes are going through during their recovery process.

If you know of an athlete friend or family member who needs access to specific treatments and services, let us know.

With your help, we can make the Nebraska sports scene a safer place for our community of athletes.

Donate today or reach out to us with questions.

Why Donating to Non-Profits Can Help Your Business

Wayne State Basketball Standout, Dawnn Receives NGF Grant

Wayne State Basketball Standout Dawnn Tucker Receives NGF Grant

As Wayne State basketball fans and Nebraska sports enthusiasts; we know how important it is to give back to our community and see it thrive, especially when we know how hard-working and loving the Nebraska athletes are. 

Today, we are excited to share with you the moving story of one such athlete: Dawnn Tucker. Former Women’s Basketball Wayne State College standout who played for her team in the late 1980s.

Dwann Tucker and family

Wayne State Basketball Star Dawnn Tucker History 

Today, at 58 years old, Dawnn may be known as a dedicated city worker in Pierce, Nebraska, and a loving wife and mother, but her journey began on the basketball courts of Wayne State College.

In the late 1980s, when women’s sports were still fighting for recognition, Dawnn was making waves in the local basketball scene. 

Dawnn was a promising and hard-working team player at Wayne State College. She transferred to Wayne in 1987 to become a junior college women’s basketball star. 

Her arrival heralded a new era for the college’s women’s basketball team. She was a force to be reckoned with, a consistent double-digit scorer and rebounder for her team. 

Her contributions were invaluable, particularly in the NAIA District 11 playoff game against Midland. With Dawnn on the court, the Wildcats didn’t just play; they made history. Her presence helped lead the team to a victorious season.

Nebraska greats foundation Serves Dawnn

Dawnn Tucker Today

But Dawnn’s life story is not just about her achievements on the court. After leaving Wayne State, Dawnn married her best friend and partner, Joe. 

Their journey of love has been an adventure of 35 years and counting, filled with shared laughter, joy, and respect.

Together, they’ve raised two daughters. The happy family made their home in Pierce, Nebraska, where Dawnn has served the city for over 25 years. Her dedication to her work is a reflection of the same spirit she brought to her basketball career.

Dawnn Tucker´s Medical Journey

In March 2022, Dawnn was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that has marked a new chapter in her life.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. 

This condition leads to the loss of muscle control, affecting the ability to speak, eat, and move. However, despite the physical effects, cognitive functions, like intelligence and memory, remain intact.

It is safe to say that this diagnosis was a hard blow for Dawnn and her family, since ALS is not just a medical condition; it’s a life-altering reality that affects facets of everyday life. 

The gradual loss of muscle control means that simple tasks, such as walking, running, or even holding objects, can become increasingly challenging.

But for Dawnn, who once dominated the basketball court with her agility and strength, the effects of ALS were not going to stop her. 

The disease progressively limits mobility, making it difficult to continue with some routine activities, but she has kept active and positive through it all.

Dawnn’s spirit remains unbroken. Her journey with ALS is marked not by defeat but by courage, resilience, and an unyielding will to fight.

NGF Serves Dawnn

How the Nebraska Greats Foundation Served Wayne State Basketball Standout Dawnn Tucker

ALS can be a very tough time, but the good news is that she isn’t alone; not only her family and friends are there to support her, but at the NGF we are committed to making her life easier. 

While Dawnn continued her battle with ALS, we were working to award a grant to help her everyday routine be much smoother.

The grant will be used to install a handicapped-accessible bathroom and a ramp into her home. These modifications are crucial for maintaining Dawnn’s independence and safety as her condition progresses. 

Soon, Dawnn will have a more accessible and adaptable space to continue her life and enjoy her family the way she deserves.

“I am beyond blessed and grateful that the Nebraska Greats Foundation is able to help with an accessible bathroom and a ramp for the front door. These things are going to make my life so much easier as I journey through my battle with ALS. I’m honored to become part of the Nebraska Greats Foundation family! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for your generosity. You guys are Amazing!” 

Said Dawnn.
Wayne State Basketball wildcats

Wayne State College and The Nebraska Greats Foundation

Dawnn is the second former Wayne State student to receive support from the NGF, and we hope to help many more Wildcat athletes in need of medical assistance. 

For ten years now, the foundation has been serving athletes from the 16 colleges and universities in Nebraska. Our mission is to stand by our athletes, just like we did for Dawnn Tucker in her times of need.

The NGF’s support for Dawnn goes beyond financial aid. By standing with her in her fight against ALS, we´re sending a powerful message of solidarity and community spirit. 

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

We believe that every individual and organization has a role to play in empowering athletes and enriching our community.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to former athletes and ex-athletes from Nebraska’s colleges and universities who face medical challenges. 

Thanks to this support, we can alleviate some of the mental health issues that Nebraska athletes are going through during their recovery process.

If you know of an athlete friend or family member who needs access to specific treatments and services, let us know to potentially alleviate some of the stress associated with managing these conditions.

With your help, we can make the Nebraska sports scene a safer place for our community athletes. Wondering how to help? Donate today or reach out to us. Most donations are tax-deductible.

Wayne State Basketball Dawnn Tucker

Nebraska Sports Radio and Podcast Shows For You

Nebraska Sports Radio and Podcast

Looking for Nebraska sports radio shows or podcasts?

With several Nebraska college teams and devoted fans all over the state, it’s no surprise there are plenty of options out there.

As an organization built on excitement for the local sports community, we get the desire to stay on top of the latest news about your favorite teams and players.

Even though there are plenty of good shows to pick from, here’s the stations and podcasts on our playlist.

sports Podcast and radio shows

Why Listen to Radio and Podcast Shows?

Nothing beats being at a live game and soaking in the electric atmosphere.

But real life gets in the way, making it tough to attend as many as we’d like. Plus, there’s so much more to learn about our favorite teams and players beyond just what happens on the field or court.

This is where sports radio and podcasts come through. They give us a convenient way to stay up to speed on everything going on in the world of Nebraska athletics. The best shows go deeper than just recaps and scores. They feature thoughtful commentary, expert analysis, and exclusive interviews you can’t get anywhere else.

For passionate fans, these shows are essential listening. They take us behind the scenes and deliver insights directly from coaches, players, and insiders.

While live games provide the thrill of competition, sports radio and podcasts satisfy our curiosity and keep us informed on teams and athletes we care about. They’re the next best thing to being there.

Personal and Easy

Let’s be honest – reading sports articles can feel like homework sometimes. The writing is often dry and it’s hard to focus when you’re busy or on the go.

Sports radio shows and podcasts are many times a better, more convenient option for us fans. They give you more of that fun hangout feeling, like you’re chatting with friends about the game.

The hosts really get into it and their passion pulls you in. And you can listen anytime, anywhere – no need to catch a specific schedule. Whether you’re driving to work or running errands, you can still get your fix of the latest on Nebraska sports.

Sports shows are the perfect companion for busy (but devoted fans.) Even if you’re juggling a million things, you’ll stay connected to all the breaking news, analysis, and excitement. It’s sports talk made easy and accessible on your schedule.

For Husker Fans

After Hours with Jimmie Allen

This radio show is your one-stop destination for all things related to Nebraska’s sports scene. 

Jimmie Allen is a true Nebraska sports fanatic who invites you to join him in talking Huskers athletics long after the final whistle.

His lively late-night show dissects the latest games, recruiting drama, and locker room rumors. It’s the perfect way to wind down with passionate, unfiltered sports chatter amongst diehard fans.

Hail Varsity Radio

Sink your teeth into the juiciest Huskers coverage around with Hail Varsity Radio

Their team of writers and experts deliver next-level analysis you won’t get from the typical pregame show. From film breakdowns to witty commentary, they have takes as bold as their name.

Sports Nightly

Sports Nightly is Nebraska’s premier sports talk show, airing every weekday on different local stations. 

Want the inside scoop straight from the source? Sports Nightly puts you courtside with interviews and insider perspectives.

Husker play-by-play announcer Greg Sharpe and reporter Jessica Coody get the stories and deliver the highlights every fan needs. Their passion will make you proud to be a Husker.

Huskerpod: Husker Football Fan Podcast

This podcast is a haven for Husker football fans to discuss the latest news and celebrate their wins. 

It’s perfect for those who bleed Husker red and crave a dedicated space to connect with fellow football fans.

The Husker Radio Network

This network is a special place for all things Huskers and sports. You can tune in and listen to a wide variety of shows depending on your mood. 

Listen to everything from The Nebraska Football Show to Sports Nightly and stay up to date with the ñates Huskers wins. 

For Mavericks Fans

Mavericks All Access

Take a deep dive into the world of Mavericks athletics with exclusive interviews and features with Mavericks All Access

Learn about the wins and losses that shaped the program and relive legendary moments. For true Mavs devotees, this show pulls back the curtain.


Listen to all highlights and coverage of all series games as the UNO Mavericks keep making history in the Nebraska sports scene. 

Mav Radio makes sure you’re courtside or on the field for it all. Get live play-by-play, post-game interviews, and expert analysis as the Mavs shine. This station is the go to for loyal UNO fans.

FOR Bluejay Fans

Nebraska Greats Foundation uno (2)

Bluejay Breakdown

Join Ana Bellinghausen and friends as they analyze the Creighton Bluejays men and women basketball seasons. 

With exclusive interviews with players and coaches, this podcast is a must-listen for any Bluejay basketball fan.

The Jays Podcast

This is the latest Creighton Athletics podcast, hosted by John Bishop, Josh Peterson, and Connor Happer.

This is your ticket to insider access into the world of Creighton athletics. Go behind the scenes through candid player interviews and coach sit-downs. You’ll feel like part of the Jays family.

Other Favorites

The Schick and Nick Show

These sports radio vets dish out sports talk that’s equal parts goofy and genuine. At the heart of The Schick and Nick Show is a true love of the game and hometown loyalty.

Their takes and interviews are flavored with wit and wisdom gleaned from years behind the microphone appealing to listeners who enjoy a light-hearted take on sports.

Keep It Real With Ana, and Avarie

Ana Bellinghausen and Avarie Howard bring you a unique blend of sports and life discussions

Think beyond balls and strikes with this show that explores the intersection of sports and everyday life. Athletes from across Nebraska sit down for real talk about mental health, identity, family and more.

Sports are just the starting point for dialogues that unite us.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Want unfiltered, raw sports radio that pulls no punches? Unsportsmanlike Conduct brings plenty of fire and flair in covering local athletics.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is a popular radio program co-hosted by John Bishop and Josh Peterson, airing weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on 1620 The Zone. 

the Nebraska Greats Foundation. 

The Nebraska Greats Foundation provides financial assistance to current and former male and female college athletes across Nebraska who are facing medical hardship.

We are a community of supporters from all 16 four-year colleges and universities in the state united by a mission to help our local athletes in times of crisis.

Any former Nebraska letter winning college athlete facing medical and financial challenges is eligible for our assistance.

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Nebraska Volleyball Team Sets Record for Largest Attendance

Nebraska Volleyball Women’s Team Sets attendance record

Have you heard the latest Nebraska volleyball news?

The Nebraska Husker Women’s volleyball team set an unprecedented record in the history of women’s sports on August 30, 2023, with the most attendance for a women’s sporting event.

On an exciting and nerve-racking Wednesday night, the Nebraska Huskers volleyball team and the UNO Mavericks played a thrilling match at Memorial Stadium. 

Nebraska Volleyball Making

This was set to be one of the biggest events of the year for Nebraska volleyball, but nobody expected the astonishing crowd of approximately 92,000 fans who gathered to support their favorite team and experience this event firsthand, thus making history. 

After this sports event, the previous record was 90,185 spectators at the Women’s World Cup soccer final between Team USA and China in 1991. 

It took 23 years and two incredible and strong teams to break this record, and after a passionate game, and not without a fight from the Mavericks team, the Nebraska Huskers won the match.

Nebraska Volleyball Team Breaks Record for Largest Attendance (2)

The Importance of Nebraska Volleyball

Nebraska has a rich and storied history in women’s sports. The talented people who have, for generations, joined the Nebraska varsity scene have created a rich history and legacy, as evident by the success of teams such as the Nebraska Huskers and UNO Mavericks volleyball teams. 

These teams not only compete at the highest level but also continue to set new standards for women’s sports. Their journeys underscore the importance of women’s sports and their significant contribution to the state’s sports legacy.

The Trajectory of the Huskers: The Nebraska Volleyball Team

The Nebraska Huskers volleyball team has been a force to be reckoned with in women’s volleyball since its inception in 1975. 

The Nebraska Huskers volleyball team is deeply rooted in a set of core values that have guided their journey to becoming one of the top women’s volleyball teams in the country, including accountability, excellence, hard work, inclusion, service, and visionary thinking.

The team’s unwavering commitment to the sport and their consistent performance make them one of the top volleyball teams in the country.

The Trajectory of the UNO Mavericks Volleyball Team

The University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks, fondly known as the UNO Mavericks, are a symbol of tenacity and resilience in collegiate sports. 

Competing at the highest level in NCAA’s Division I and The Summit League, the Mavericks have consistently showcased their ability to rise to the occasion. 

Their values are reflected in their commitment to teamwork, sportsmanship, and academic excellence. The Mavericks’ journey is not just about winning games; it’s about building character, fostering community spirit, and promoting a love for sports among their fans and the broader Omaha community.

Nebraska Volleyball Team Breaks Record for Largest Attendance (3)

Breaking Records and Making History

The record-breaking game on August 30, 2023, is a testament to the Huskers’ journey. Over 92,000 fans turned up to support the team, reflecting not just the popularity of the Huskers and Mavericks but also the growing interest in women’s sports across the country.

This historic moment is a result of years of hard work, dedication, and passion. It reflects the strength and resilience of the teams, who have continued to rise above challenges and break barriers in women’s sports.

The Nebraska Huskers volleyball team has come a long way since its formation in 1975. From setting records in their debut season to breaking national records in 2023, the Huskers have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork, and a love for the sport.

The Importance of Records in Women’s Sports

Records play a crucial role in women’s sports, including volleyball. They serve as benchmarks of excellence, inspiring athletes to push their boundaries and strive for higher achievements. 

Records also highlight the progress and evolution of women’s sports over time, showcasing the increasing competitive level and skill of female athletes.

Moreover, records in women’s sports offer tangible proof of the tremendous potential and prowess of female athletes.

They challenge stereotypes, break down societal barriers, and underscore the fact that women’s sports deserve equal recognition and support as men’s sports. Records serve as powerful tools for advocacy, paving the way for greater investment in women’s sports, improved facilities, and broader media coverage.

Volleyball Health Challenges

Volleyball, like any other sport, comes with its unique set of health challenges and is not all about breaking records. Common injuries among volleyball players include knee injuries such as patellar tendonitis, often referred to as “jumper’s knee” due to the frequent jumping involved in the game.

Finger injuries, including joint sprains, tendon tears, and dislocations, are also prevalent, mainly due to activities like blocking, setting, and digging.

Other common volleyball injuries include ankle sprains, ACL injuries, collateral ligament injuries, low back pain, and shoulder problems resulting from repeated overhead motion.

All these injuries can have long-term impacts on an athlete’s health and career if not adequately addressed.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

This is where organizations like the Nebraska Greats Foundation step in. The foundation provides financial assistance and support to former letter-winning athletes from Nebraska’s colleges and universities who face significant medical expenses. 

This support can be a lifeline for athletes dealing with the aftermath of sports-related injuries, helping them access the necessary medical care and rehabilitative services.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation recognizes that athletes often give their all on the court, sometimes at the cost of their health. By providing financial aid, the foundation ensures these athletes can lead healthier lives after their athletic careers. 

It underscores the importance of caring for athletes’ health during their active years and beyond, emphasizing that their well-being is as important as the records they set and the games they win.

the Nebraska greats foundation

How to Refer an Athlete Who Needs Help to the NGF

How to Refer an Athlete to the NGF

Have you been wondering how to refer an athlete who needs help to the Nebraska Greats Foundation? Today, we will give you all the information you need to help a friends who might be struggling and why it is a good idea. 

As fans, we witness the thrills and victories of college athletes representing their schools with pride, but we don’t see the other side of the story. 

In the realm of college sports, injuries are almost inevitable. From torn ligaments and broken bones to persistent chronic pain, the path to recovery can often come with a hefty price tag.

What Is the Reach of the NGF?

While in school, health care is often provided, but when they leave the arena of competition, that support system disappears. That’s where our nonprofit organization steps in.

Health issues can be overwhelmingly intimidating for athletes lacking the financial means to afford medical treatment, particularly for those juggling full-time studies. 

If you are acquainted with an athlete or former athlete facing this predicament, and you’re searching for a way to assist, let us help!

Nebraska Greats Foundation refer a friend

Is My Friend Eligible for a Grant?

The NGF only covers qualified medical expenses such as insurance deductibles, pre and post-operative care, travel to and from treatments, prescriptions, rehab, and facilities directly related to the medical condition.

Any former letter winner from any of the four Nebraska-based colleges or universities (including the former Dana College) with a medical and financial need is eligible to apply.

Recipients do not need a former degree from these universities. 

We assist with most medical health issues; however, currently, the NGF does not assist those with substance abuse issues.

Why Should I Refer My Friends Instead of Letting Them Do It?

Why should you take the initiative to refer your friends instead of letting them seek help independently? We must understand athletes’ challenges when struggling with health issues and how hard it can be to ask for help. 

Pride is a significant factor preventing many athletes from reaching out for assistance. Sometimes, a competitive nature can make admitting the need for help difficult. 

Athletes are used to pushing through pain and discomfort, and this mindset can deter them from seeking the medical care they require. 

Nebraska Greats Foundation refer a friend (2)


By referring them to the NGF, you’re providing an avenue for them to receive aid without feeling like they have compromised their resilience or strength.

Furthermore, many athletes aren’t aware of the resources available to them. Your referral could open their eyes to a resource they didn’t know existed, potentially making a significant difference in their recovery journey.

The stigma associated with injury or illness can also discourage athletes from asking for help. In the sports world, injuries can sometimes be perceived as a sign of weakness or an inability to perform. 

This fear of judgment might keep athletes silent about their struggles. By stepping in and making a referral, you can help them overcome this barrier and get the support they need.

Can I Refer Someone Who Didn’t Get Injured in Their Playing Days?

One common misconception is that NGF assistance is exclusively for athletes with injuries directly linked to their sports careers. However, we want to clarify that this is not the case. 

The NGF is steadfast in its commitment to supporting individuals who have contributed significantly to the Nebraska sports community, irrespective of when or how their medical needs arose.

In addition, the injuries do not need to stem directly from their playing days. We have helped many people whose medical needs began decades after their playing days ended.

Our team will contact the athlete directly and work with them to find a solution that works for their health and budget.

Age is Just a Number

We believe that time does not diminish the value of their contributions or the dedication they showed during their playing days. 

Whether an injury or illness occurred on the field or decades later, our mission remains the same – to provide support and solutions tailored to each athlete’s unique circumstances.

Every athlete who has enriched the Nebraska sports community deserves a fighting chance, even if they aren’t playing anymore. 

The passion, effort, and time they dedicated to their sport have left an indelible mark. It’s only fitting that we, as a community, stand by them in their hour of need, recognizing the enduring value of their contributions.

We recognized the time they contributed to this valuable space for many. 

A Support System

Referring a friend to the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) is about far more than just securing medical aid. It’s about introducing them to a community of individuals who have walked in their shoes and have similar experiences. 

This connection with others who have faced similar health struggles can be a powerful source of emotional support and encouragement. 

The journey to recovery is often fraught with challenges, and knowing that they are not alone can provide immense comfort. 

Moreover, the shared experiences within this community can offer invaluable insights, advice, and coping strategies that can help your friend navigate their own path to recovery. 

In essence, by referring a friend to the NGF, you’re not only helping them access necessary medical assistance but also enveloping them in a support system that understands their unique struggles and stands ready to help them overcome them.

By referring someone, you’re not just connecting them with financial aid; you’re acknowledging their contribution and ensuring they’re not alone in their journey toward recovery and wellness.

Nebraska Greats Foundation's Executive Director Jim Rose Set to Leave (2)

The Revision Process

We understand the struggles that collegiate athletes face, and every application we receive is more than just a form to us – it’s a story. Each story is met with compassion, understanding, and a rigorous commitment to finding the best ways to offer support. 

We don’t just skim through applications; we delve deep into each one, studying the unique circumstances and needs of every athlete who reaches out to us. 

Our aim? To ensure that no athlete feels left behind. We stand with them, shoulder to shoulder, in their time of need, offering a helping hand and a listening ear.

At Nebraska Greats Foundation, we believe in the power of empathy, the strength of community, and, most importantly, the unyielding spirit of our athletes. 

Our Stories

Of course, we know that referring a friend or loved one can be hard, especially when you are trying to find a safe and professional space where they feel valued and not put them under more stress than necessary. 

At the Nebraska Greats Foundation, we have helped over 40 recipients and take all factors into consideration; we let our recipients provide proof of our work. 

Anthony Branch

In 1977, high school football player Anthony Branch found a home in Lincoln, Nebraska, not by scholarship or heavy recruiting but through the school’s developing walk-on program.

Forty-two years after finding his family on the football field at Memorial Stadium, Anthony Branch received help from the NGF.

Anthony Branch needs a living-donor kidney transplant immediately. Thanks to the NGF, this was made possible.

vasity games

Carlos Ortega

The NGF has also provided a grant to Carlos Ortega, a sophomore Midfielder from York College.  Carlos is originally from Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Carlos applied for a grant to assist him with medical bills stemming from an injury he suffered while competing.  The NGF provided funds to a provider for services not covered by insurance.

Tim Wurth

Tim Wurth started at Burke High School in Omaha in the mid-70s before a productive career at Nebraska.

Tim has been struggling with a variety of health issues, including Neuropathy and Type II Diabetes.

Before applying for a grant from the NGF, Tim faced emergency Cataract surgery but was unable to access health care. 

Because he needed the surgery now, the application was expedited. His situation was vetted thoroughly, and his grant was approved in less than one week. He is now scheduled for Cataract surgery and hopes to be back working full-time soon.

I Referred a Friend, What Is the Next Step?

Once the referral has been sent, the next step will be just waiting for an answer; our staff will carefully review the application before getting in contact. 

For any further questions, contact Sandy Zoroya, Administrative Director, at or 702-321-9136.

Doane University

NGF Serves Former Nebraska Football Standout Pete Coniglio

Football Standout Pete Coniglio RECEIVES ngf grant

We have all known a Nebraska football athlete who has inspired us with their grit, determination, and love for football, which makes us believe in the power of the sports community. 

Today, we want to share with you the touching story of one such athlete: Pete Coniglio. Pete is a former UNO Maverick football player and a proud graduate of Omaha Creighton Prep. 

Former Nebraska Football Pete Coniglio History

His journey from 1996-1999 on the football field was inspiring,  leaving an indelible mark on the history of the sport at the university.

During his time at UNO, Pete was known for his tenacity, agility, and unwavering determination. He was a consistent performer with a knack for exceptional results. 

His natural talent on the football field didn’t just earn him accolades but also the respect and admiration of his teammates and coaches.

sports crowd helping NGF

Pete Coniglio Medical Journey

But Pete’s journey doesn’t end on the football field; it extends into a life that’s been marked by resilience, strength, and an unyielding spirit. 

Life took a challenging turn when he suffered a debilitating stroke. Everyday tasks, once second nature, turned into daunting hurdles. 

Simple things like walking, seeing, and using his dominant hand became daily battles. But Pete is a fighter, a trait he attributes to his sports background.

His new needs also required a retro-fitting of a bathroom in his home that was not covered by insurance. When completed, the new bathroom will be accessible during Pete’s recovery.

hearth problems

How the Nebraska Greats Foundation Served Pete Coniglio 

And in his fight, he’s not alone. After his family applied for assistance after the stroke, The Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) stepped up to help Pete when he needed it most.

The NGF provided a grant to build the retrofit of a bathroom in his home and make a smooth recovery and living possible. 

Soon, Pete will have a safe, accessible space to continue his journey, making his daily challenges a little bit easier.

My stroke has been life-changing; tasks that were once taken for granted are now obstacles. Basic life skills like walking, seeing, and using my dominant hand are now challenges. Sports taught me to persevere and compete; I continue to persevere and compete to get better daily, The Nebraska Greats have made daily challenges safer and easier. Thank you!

Said Coniglio

The Maverick History with Nebraska Greats Foundation

Pete is the fifth former Maverick to receive support from the NGF, and we hope to help many more Maverick athletes in need of medical assistance. 

For ten years now, the foundation has been serving athletes from the 16 colleges and universities in Nebraska. Our mission is to stand by our athletes, just like we did for Pete in their times of need.

nebraska football

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

We believe that every individual and organization has a role to play in empowering athletes and enriching our community.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to former athletes and ex-athletes from Nebraska’s colleges and universities who face medical challenges. 

Thanks to this support, we can alleviate some of the mental health issues that Nebraska athletes are going through during their recovery process.

If you know of an athlete friend or family member who needs access to specific treatments and services, let us know to potentially alleviate some of the stress associated with managing these conditions.

With your help, we can make the Nebraska sports scene a safer place for our community athletes. Wondering how to help? Donate today or reach out to us. Most donations are tax-deductible.

Corporate Sponsor: The Most Effective Way To Donate Money

Why You Should become a corporate sponsor

Becoming a corporate sponsor at the Nebraska Greats Foundations might be just what you need for your company to make donations and help change lives. Not only will your brand be helping athletes in their medical journey, but you will also be part of the sports scene in Nebraska state. 

At the NGF, your company will find a place where they can really make a change and be part of something greater than just business and profit. Here are the main reasons why the Corporate Sponsor program is for you. 

corporate sponsor

Why Sponsor the Nebraska Greats Foundation?

When it comes to choosing a nonprofit to donate to, we understand that you might have numerous options in the market.

However, by selecting the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF), you’re unlocking the true power of community engagement and making a positive impact.

At NGF, we believe that the sports community is an incredibly strong and passionate one.

Athletes, fans, and supporters alike are not only grateful for the opportunities the community provides but are also willing to go above and beyond to support their fellow members.

By aligning yourself with NGF, you tap into this incredible network of individuals who share a deep love for sports and a genuine desire to uplift struggling collegiate athletes.

But what makes NGF the best choice for your donation? It’s our unwavering commitment to creating a personal and relatable experience for both donors and recipients.

We recognize that every contribution, no matter how big or small, has the power to transform lives and inspire greatness.

vasity games nebraska (2)

Can My Business be Part of the Corporate Sponsor Program?

Can companies donate to nonprofits? Yes, any company looking to make a donation to the NGF is welcomed with open arms.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) offers a variety of ways for businesses to donate and support this noble cause.

By visiting our website, businesses can easily make a one-time donation or set up monthly contributions.

Every dollar donated goes towards providing vital medical services that have the power to transform the lives of struggling collegiate athletes.

It’s important to note that donations to NGF are tax-deductible donations. As a business, your generosity not only creates a positive impact but can also provide significant tax benefits.

vasity games

The Corporate Sponsor Program

What exactly is the corporate sponsor or corporate partner program? The Nebraska Greats Foundation has different donation and subscription programs tailored to our donatary needs; the Corporate Partner Program is one of them. 

This unique initiative is tailored specifically for businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies that are eager to make a difference in their community.

As a corporate sponsor, you hold the power to transform the trajectory of young and former athletes’ lives, enabling them to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

However, a corporate partner goes beyond just helping your community athletes; it’s also a huge benefit for your company in the way that it perceives and presents itself in your community.

Here are some of the benefits that becoming a corporate sponsor can have in your business. 

Enhance Your Brand Image with the Corporate Sponsor Program

By supporting the Nebraska Greats Foundation, you position your business as a socially responsible entity.

Your association with our cause will elevate your brand’s trustworthiness and admiration among consumers.

You align your brand with a cause that resonates deeply with sports enthusiasts and empathetic individuals alike.

It’s an opportunity to showcase your commitment to your community while also enhancing your company’s reputation and visibility within the sports scene.

This increased visibility opens doors to new opportunities, networking connections, and potential collaborations that can further propel your brand forward.

sports community

Engage with the Nebraska Community

As we mentioned before, joining the corporate sponsor community is more than just donating; it is a win-win situation.

Your sponsorship will open doors to meaningful interactions with local stakeholders, potential clients, and a vast network of supportive Nebraskans who share your passion for sports and social responsibility.

By aligning yourself with the Nebraska Greats Foundation, you join a community that values compassion, inclusion, and the pursuit of greatness both on and off the field.

Through our extensive outreach efforts and collaborative partnerships, we have fostered strong bonds with local organizations, businesses, and individuals who are committed to making a positive impact.

Your sponsorship becomes an invitation to engage with these stakeholders and create lasting relationships that extend far beyond traditional business transactions. 

Expand Your Network

By actively participating in community events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your brand’s commitment to social responsibility while connecting with like-minded individuals who value the well-being and success of others.

In our dynamic community, you have the opportunity to forge new partnerships, collaborations, and friendships that can further amplify your positive influence.

By participating in NGF events and gatherings, you’ll find yourself surrounded by individuals who are equally committed to empowering athletes and transforming lives.

These events provide invaluable networking opportunities where you can engage in meaningful conversations, build relationships, and discover potential partnerships that extend far beyond individual sponsorships.

Our vibrant community offers a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and success stories.

Through these interactions, you’ll gain insights and perspectives that can inform and inspire your own initiatives or create new business collaborations to grow your lead count.


Boost Employee Morale through the Corporate Sponsor Program 

Imagine the impact of aligning your business with a cause that truly resonates with your employees. It’s no secret that Nebraska is a sport-driven state, where varsity football, baseball, basketball, and any other game bring people together. 

Most of the Nebraska citizens know someone or were at one point part of a sports team, so it’s no surprise that you find sports enthusiasts in your business as well. 

When employees see the positive changes their company is championing through sports partnerships with NGF, it will create a powerful connection with your brand.

They become more than just employees; they become ambassadors of change within their communities. 

This alignment with a meaningful cause ignites a sense of pride and purpose within your company that can transform the dynamics of your team.

Boosting employee morale goes hand in hand with enhancing productivity and overall job satisfaction. As your team witnesses the tangible impact of their collective efforts, they feel a deeper connection to your organization’s mission and values.

By supporting the Nebraska Greats Foundation, you empower your team by giving them a reason to be proud of the company they work for.

Enjoy Tax Benefits

Your contribution to NGF goes beyond making a difference in the lives of these athletes. It can also have a positive impact on your financial landscape.

As a sponsor, you may be eligible for tax deductions on your donation. These deductions can significantly reduce your taxable income, potentially leading to substantial savings and improved financial well-being.

We understand that navigating tax regulations can be complex, which is why we encourage you to consult with your trusted financial advisor or tax professional first.

They possess the expertise to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision when deciding on nonprofit organizations.

So, seize the opportunity to combine your commitment to social responsibility with the potential financial rewards of charitable contributions. Become a sponsor of the Nebraska Greats Foundation and experience the satisfaction of transforming lives while enjoying valuable tax deductions.

donate NGF

Gain Unique Marketing Opportunities

Imagine your logo prominently displayed in Nebraska sports events, garnering attention from a wide audience of individuals who are passionate about supporting struggling collegiate athletes.

As a partner of NGF, you can leverage the organization’s extensive reach and stellar reputation to showcase your brand in a variety of impactful ways.

Gain access to a world of unique marketing opportunities that can elevate your brand, increase visibility, and demonstrate your commitment to making a difference.

Our widely-recognized promotional materials and events serve as the perfect platforms for you to showcase your products or services.

From logo placements on event banners and programs to product demonstrations at our high-profile gatherings, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a captive audience while aligning your brand with a cause that evokes empathy and support.

But it doesn’t stop there. Through mentions in our various marketing channels, including social media, newsletters, and press releases, your brand will be exposed to a broad network of people who share our passion for creating positive change.

Drive Sales with Altruism

Do you remember the last time you made a purchase driven by your emotions? Remember: marketing is all about connecting with your audience and making people feel and believe in your brand. 

In today’s world, consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that embody a sense of purpose and make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

By supporting NGF, you position your brand as a force for good, actively contributing to the betterment of society. This alignment can foster a deep emotional connection with your target audience, thereby influencing their purchasing decisions and loyalty.

When customers see that your brand stands for something more than just profit, they are more likely to choose your products or services over competitors.

Earn Media Spotlights With the Corporate Sponsor Program 

Are you looking to generate buzz and capture the attention of a wider audience? With the sponsorship program, you can be featured at our events while supporting our activism.

You have the incredible opportunity to benefit from the media spotlights that shine brightly on our cause. Let your brand’s visibility soar as it takes center stage on local and state-wide platforms.

Media attention is a powerful tool that can catapult your brand’s awareness to new heights when you align your sponsorship with our events and activism.

Imagine the impact of seeing your company’s name featured prominently in newspapers, local TV coverage, online articles, and social media posts. The media spotlights that illuminate our events and amplify our message can also put your brand at the forefront.

sports crowd helping NGF

The Corporate Partner Sponsor Program 

Requires 4-year commitment

$50,000 per year

  • Category Exclusive
  • “Official Status” (aka Official category partner of the Nebraska Greats Foundation)
  • Presented by” status for Celebrity Sports Night and Golf Classic
  • Preferred Vendor Status (goods and services)
  • One (1) complimentary foursome in the annual golf classic
  • One (1) complimentary VIP table at the annual Celebrity Sports Night
  • Two (2) VIP Tickets to the Annual Outland Trophy Awards event
  • Two (2) tickets to the annual Husker Athletics Hall of Fame event (if produced by UNL AD)
  • Invitation to private yearly golf outing at a Nebraska private golf club for a total of four (4) representatives featuring meals, golf, and cart with former athlete (Date, Place by mutual agreement)
  • Permanent “click-through” logo placement on the home page at
  • Permanent logo placement on all social media communication
  • logo placement on all external communication
  • One (1) day corporate event (per year) featuring a minimum of one (1) former Athlete (to be mutually agreed upon and based upon availability)
  • Limited rights to the official NGF logo and marks
  • Access to weekly “Blog” from former Husker or Blue Jay during football and basketball season
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Point of purchase or office decal or plaque designating “proud to support the Nebraska Greats Foundation.”

Ready To Make a Difference and Become a Corporate Sponsor?  

Contact us today, and let’s explore how we can shape a brighter future for Nebraska together.

We believe that every individual and organization has a role to play in empowering athletes and enriching our community.

By reaching out, you and your company demonstrate the commitment to making a difference and becoming a part of something greater than the business itself.

We’re eager to connect with compassionate individuals and forward-thinking companies like yours who share our vision. We are waiting for you!

Nebraska Greats Foundation Executive Director Set to Leave


Nebraska Greats Foundation’s executive director, Jim Rose, is ready for a new chapter in his life. After five years of guiding the Nebraska Greats Foundation, in which the organization achieved new records in terms of reach and impact, Rose is set to step away from his position on September 30, 2023.

Under his guidance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation was able to help more recipients than ever before by spreading the message to a wider audience and improving the financial sustainability of the organizations.

About Nebraska Greats Foundation’s Executive Director

His work is a testament to his dedication and passion for the cause that the NGF works for every day, and these past five years have shown everyone his drive, excellence, and commitment to the cause. 

Rose has always been an integral part of the NGF family, having been featured in numerous episodes of the NGF Podcast, being the primary media contact, handling high-resolution file requests, and working closely with all team members of the organization.

Nebraska Greats Foundation's Executive Director Jim Rose Set to Leave

“Five years ago, I asked the Board of Directors to assist me in establishing financial sustainability, reinforcing existing and creating new relationships, and building on a fabulous mission of assisting our sports heroes in their time of need.

I am proud and humbled by the work we’ve done. But in recent months, I’ve been drawn to new projects which need the attention I’ve been committing to the NGF.”

Rose stated about his time at NGF.

Nebraska Greats Foundation’s Executive Director Achievements

The role of an Executive Director, like Jim Rose, is indeed pivotal to an organization like the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF). This role serves as a key component, connecting all facets of the organization while driving its vision forward.

The executive director is in charge of developing and implementing strategies to ensure the organization has the funding it needs to operate effectively and fulfill its mission.

This can include everything from managing budgets and resources to spearheading fundraising efforts and seeking grants or other sources of income. Under Rose’s leadership, the NGF has seen significant improvements in its financial sustainability, allowing it to expand its reach and help more recipients than ever before.

But perhaps most importantly, the Executive Director is responsible for leading with example toward the organization’s mission.

In the case of the NGF, this means assisting athletes in their time of need. As the face of the organization, the Executive Director plays a critical role in promoting this mission, both within the organization and to the public.

Nebraska Greats Foundation's Executive Director Jim Rose Set to Leave (2)

Jim’s Work

“Jim’s work speaks for itself. He hit every goal we had as an organization, managed our growth while carefully stewarding donor funds and reforming our critical systems. We’re going to miss him, but on behalf of all our recipients, we sincerely thank him and respect his decision to step away.”

Said Board President Johnny Dorn

His leadership has helped bring much-needed attention and support to former collegiate athletes in their time of need, positively affecting the lives of members of the Nebraska sports community.

For those who had the privilege of working with Jim, he was more than just a leader – he was a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. His departure will be deeply felt, but his legacy will continue to inspire and guide the Nebraska Greats Foundation.

What is Next for The Nebraska Greats Foundation?

The Board of Directors is reviewing its success in the last five years and intends to begin the search for an Executive Director in the near future.

Looking forward, the Board of Directors is keenly aware of the need to find a successor who can continue the momentum that Rose has set in motion.

The search for a new Executive Director will begin soon, aiming to find someone who can bring someone who stays true to the NGF’s mission the same way Jim did.

In the meantime, the operations of the NGF are in capable hands. The Executive Committee, along with the dedicated staff members, are managing its day-to-day activities and operations.

The departure of Jim Rose marks the end of a remarkable chapter for the NGF. As we prepare for his departure, we do so with immense gratitude for his contributions and a heartfelt wish for his success in future endeavors.