Chadron State Athletics

Chadron State Athletics

Chadron State College (CSC) is a well-known public institution in Chadron, Nebraska.

Since 1911, it has offered quality education and a strong athletic program. With an enrollment of 3,000 students, CSC fosters an inclusive and engaging environment for student athletes to grow academically and athletically.

 CSC’s athletic program is a point of pride for the college community, with a history of conference championships and deep playoff runs.

The community feel of CSC and a commitment to academic excellence are balanced by the high caliber of the athletic programs, making for an unparalleled student-athlete experience.

Chadron State

Chadron State Eagles

CSC is a member of the NCAA Division II and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC).

It offers various sports programs for both male and female student-athletes. Currently, CSC sponsors 12 varsity sports, such as football, basketball, wrestling, track and field, cross country, golf, softball, and volleyball.

Chadron State Football Team Success

The football team at Chadron State College is one of its most notable athletic programs.

With a rich history since 1911, the Eagles have won multiple RMAC championships and made several appearances in the NCAA Division II playoffs.

The team is known for its strong defensive and offensive units and enjoys unwavering support from the CSC community, evident in packed stands at home games.

Chadron State

Notable football alumni who went on to the NFL include Garrett Gilkey, Danny Woodhead and Don Beebe.

Basketball Teams’ Achievements

CSC’s basketball teams also have a strong reputation within the RMAC. Both men’s and women’s teams have enjoyed successful seasons, with the women’s team winning the conference championship in the 2018-2019 season. 

The Eagles’ basketball players’ dedication to hard work, teamwork, and sportsmanship has led to on-court success and a positive college atmosphere.

Wrestling Program Excellence

The wrestling program at CSC is a consistent force within the RMAC, producing many All-Americans and conference champions over the years. The wrestling team ranks high in regional and national standings, showcasing its athletes’ and coaching staff’s strength. 

Chadron State’s commitment to excellence is evident in its facilities, such as the state-of-the-art wrestling room and strength and conditioning center.

chadron State Athletics

Chadron State Individual Sports Achievements

In addition to team sports, CSC excels in individual sports like track and field, cross country, and golf. The college’s track and field and cross country teams have produced numerous conference champions and All-American athletes. Many have gone on to compete nationally.

CSC’s golf program is also a strong RMAC contender, with both men’s and women’s teams consistently ranking in the top tier of conference competition.

Factors Contributing to Success

The success of Chadron State College’s athletic programs can be attributed to dedicated student-athletes and experienced coaching staff passionate about guiding their teams.

The college features state-of-the-art facilities like the Nelson Physical Activity Center, Armstrong Gymnasium, and Don Beebe Stadium, providing student-athletes with the resources needed to excel in their sports.


Athletics, Personal Growth, and Academics

At CSC, athletics are about more than just winning games and breaking records. They also focus on fostering personal growth, academic achievement, and community engagement.

Student-athletes are encouraged to balance athletic commitments with academic pursuits, and the college offers numerous resources and support services to help them succeed in both areas.

Lasting Impact and Community

Chadron State College’s athletic programs have played a crucial role in shaping the college’s identity and fostering a sense of community among students, faculty, and alumni.

Through their commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and personal growth, CSC’s student-athletes have significantly impacted the college and the surrounding community. The Eagles’ athletic programs continue to be a source of pride for Chadron State College and its supporters.

Chadron State College’s athletic programs have a rich history of success, driven by dedicated student-athletes, experienced coaching staff, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Chadron State

The Eagles’ legacy extends beyond winning games and breaking records, as it also emphasizes personal growth, academic achievement, and community engagement.

With a commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, and a supportive environment, Chadron State College continues to be a beacon of athletic achievement and a source of pride for its community, inspiring future generations of student-athletes to pursue greatness both on and off the field.

Nebraska Greats Foundation

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College. CLICK HERE to apply for help and CLICK HERE to refer an athlete needing care so we can help.

University of Nebraska Omaha A Pillar Of Progress

University of Nebraska Omaha 

Founded in 1908 as Omaha University, the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) has grown to become a renowned four-year state university nestled in Omaha, Nebraska.

The institution was christened as the public Municipal University of Omaha in 1931, and assumed its current name in 1968 when it became part of the University of Nebraska system.

University Of Nebraska Omaha

UNO Today

Since the 1930s, UNO adopted Adult Education and Continuing Studies programs that were cutting edge and progressive for the time, focusing on lifelong learning. This innovative mindset has positioned UNO as one of the best schools in the Midwest today; with strong academic values and modern programs, UNO has transformed and improved its community on a local, regional, national, and international level.

Established over a century ago in 1908, the University of Nebraska Omaha has remained committed to its community roots partnering with a wide array of local businesses, educational institutions, government entities, and civic organizations to build a better country. 

Currently, UNO focuses on addressing real-life issues, providing relevant learning opportunities that uniquely prepare their graduates as professionals and active members of their community.

UNO’s hard work and innovative programs have brought significant recognition to the university: on January 13, 2016, Barack Obama visited UNO Nebraska, bringing over 10,000 people, filling UNO’s Baxter Arena to hear the ex-president speak. 

University of nebraska at Omaha

University of Nebraska Omaha: Go Mavericks!

Apart from its academic achievements, UNO stands out for its Athletics program. The mission of the University of Nebraska Omaha Athletic Department is to provide its student-athletes with a positive and competitive academic and athletic experience that will prepare them for lifelong achievements and success.

The Omaha Mavericks represent UNO in 15 NCAA Division I sports, competing in both the NCHC and Summit League conferences.

The university’s ice hockey, basketball, and volleyball teams all compete in Baxter Arena, situated on the university’s Center Campus.

Connie Claussen Field, inaugurated in 2021, hosts the softball team, while the baseball team graces Tal Anderson Field. Both of these fields are part of Maverick Park, situated west of Baxter Arena.

The hockey team achieved national acclaim in 2015 when they advanced to the national semifinal (Frozen Four) of the NCAA tournament for the first time.

University of Nebraska Omaha

University of Nebraska Omaha Athletic History

UNO has a rich history in the North Central Conference and joined the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association on July 1, 2008, following the dissolution of the NCC. In March 2011, the school announced plans to transition from Division II to Division I and join The Summit League. As a result, the university discontinued its football and wrestling programs to align with The Summit League’s sports offerings and maintain Title IX compliance.

Wrestling stands out as one of the school’s most successful sports with national championships in 1991, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The football team also boasts a robust history with multiple conference championships and several NCAA Division II tournament appearances.

Marlin Briscoe, the first black starting quarterback in modern American professional football, was a UNO athlete from 1964–1967. Several former Maverick football players have made it to the NFL, including Zach Miller, Kenny Onatolu, and Greg Zuerlein. As part of its Division I move, Omaha introduced men’s soccer and men’s golf, both sponsored by The Summit League. The hockey program transitioned to the new NCHC starting with the 2013–14 season.

The university’s softball team, known then as the Maverettes, clinched UNO’s first team national championship in the 1975 AIAW Women’s College World Series by defeating Northern Iowa 6–4. The team participated in ten of the first eleven Women’s College World Series from 1969–1979, with the exception of 1974.

The women’s soccer team (2005), softball team (2001), and wrestling team have claimed NCAA’s Division II national championships, the latter emerging as seven-time national champions (1991, 2004–06, 2009–11).

University of Nebraska Omaha

Nebraska Greats Foundation UNO Recipient

Rocco Gonnella, born in Syracuse, NY, played as a Quaterback for the University of Nebraska Omaha football team from 1967 to 1969. During his time as a Maverick, he showcased his skills and led the team to essential victories.

In 2021 Rocco faced various medical challenges related to end-of-life issues, including Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, and dementia. These illnesses required around-the-clock nursing care at a Senior Assisted Living facility, reliable transportation to medical appointments, and a consistent medication regimen.

Fortunately, NGF could support his Medicare benefits and assisted living thanks to the NGF grant. Rocco has received support from the foundation, allowing him to have a better life quality and peace of mind for himself and his loved ones.

University of Nebraska Omaha

Nebraska Greats 

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) is a nonprofit organization that aims to support former University athletes facing medical financial difficulties. Founded in 2014, the foundation is committed to providing immediate and long-term assistance to those who have contributed to the Nebraska varsity athletic legacy.

Since its establishment, the Nebraska Greats Foundation has supported over 30 athletes, including those who played for UNO and other university sports like football, soccer, softball, tennis, and many others. By helping athletes confront their challenges, the NGF empowers them to move forward with their lives and continue to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College.

University of Nebraska at Kearney A Century-Long Legacy

University of Nebraska at Kearney

At its beginnings, the Kearney State Normal was one of the six normal schools established by the state to provide teaching training.

Today UNK has evolved into an institution that offers students more than 90 undergraduate programs and 14 graduate degrees across three colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business and Technology, and Education.

University of Nebraska at Kearney

University of Nebraska at Kearney Historical Footsteps

In March 1903, the Nebraska State Legislature allotted $50,000 to construct a normal school in western Nebraska. Later in September, the State Board of Education approved Kearney’s proposition of 20 acres and Green Terrace Hall on the city’s western edge to be the site.

The cornerstone of the inaugural building was laid on October 18, 1904, and the school began offering its first classes in Kearney public school facilities during the summer of 1905. The campus classes commenced in the fall as the construction was underway. The freshman class was composed solely of women, with Men’s Hall being established as the first residence hall for male students.

The institution underwent a name change to Nebraska State Teachers College in 1921 and became Kearney State College in 1963, both reflecting system-wide alterations for the state colleges.

A legislative act in 1989 transitioned the institution from the Nebraska State College System to the University of Nebraska system. Following a Nebraska Supreme Court review, Kearney State College became the University of Nebraska at Kearney on July 1, 1991. Prior to this affiliation with the University of Nebraska, Kearney State was often informally referred to as “K State”, a nickname shared with Kansas State University.

University of Nebraska at Kearney

UNK Today

With over 11,000 students enrolled from more than 20 countries worldwide, UNK offers a diverse student body and an enriching learning experience. 

The university has achieved several nationally-recognized programs in areas such as nursing, engineering, and technology. In addition to its academic offerings, UNK also provides numerous opportunities for internships and study abroad experiences for its students, hoping to create responsible and cultural citizens. 

University of Nebraska at Kearney

University of Nebraska at Kearney Athletics: Go Lopers!

The athletic teams of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, known as the Nebraska–Kearney Lopers, represent the university in intercollegiate sports. They compete in the Division II level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), primarily in the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA) for the majority of their sports since the 2012–13 academic year. The women’s swimming and diving team competes in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC).

The Lopers had previous stints in the D-II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) from 1994–95 to 2011–12, and in the Central States Intercollegiate Conference (CSIC) of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) from 1976–77 to 1988–89.

UNK fields 17 intercollegiate varsity sports teams. Men participate in basketball, cross country, football, tennis, track & field (indoor and outdoor), and wrestling. Women’s sports include basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field (indoor and outdoor), and volleyball.

Over a century since its inception, the University of Nebraska at Kearney remains a beacon of academic excellence and athletic prowess within the University of Nebraska system.

Each of these programs envisions and works to create a Division II athletic experience for every student-athlete without any discrimination. UNK Athletics stands in solidarity and unity with student-athletes of color, Latin and international students, LGBTQIA+ students, and students from other marginalized groups in opposition to racism and prejudice in any form. 

Hall Peterson

Peterson Hall, a former Loper from UNK, survived a near-fatal automobile accident in 2020; because of this, he had to spend 20 days in the hospital before starting months of intense physical therapy. 

This terrible accident was a heavy shock for him and his family, but thankfully, and with your help, the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) assisted Hall with the insurance deductible.

Nebraska Greats Foundation 


The Nebraska Greats Foundation is dedicated to helping and celebrating student-athletes from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and other institutions who have contributed to our community. 

Since 2014, NGF has gathered donations and funds to help those athletes in medical need as a way to give back and recognize the tremendous effort these alumni and graduates pour into their everyday life.

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College. CLICK HERE to apply for help and CLICK HERE to refer an athlete needing care so we can help.

Creighton University Athletics

Creighton University A Symbol of Excellence

Situated in Omaha, Nebraska, Creighton University stands as a symbol of excellence, deeply rooted in Catholic tradition and Jesuit principles.

Nestled on a scenic 135-acre campus, Creighton is a stone’s throw from downtown Omaha, allowing students to enjoy the tranquility of a college environment while still being connected to the hustle and bustle of city life. Committed to upholding its Jesuit reputation for academic superiority, Creighton emphasizes on crafting meaningful student experiences both in and outside of the lecture hall.

chreighton University

Creighton University History 

Founded in 1878, this institution is dedicated to the pursuit of truth guided by the living tradition of the Catholic Church. With a rich academic excellence and community service history, Creighton University is a hidden gem of the Midwest. 

This School, named after the successful businessman Edward Creighton, is one of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S.

Creighton offers 140 undergraduate and graduate programs, ranging from business to nursing and theology. But what sets Creighton apart from other universities is not only its academic programs but its commitment to social justice and giving back. Students are encouraged to partake in service projects throughout the Nebraska community, trying to impact the world positively.

But how exactly does Creighton measure its community impact?

The Academic Service-Learning programs have given excellent results, including over 1.1 million student service hours and 14 million faculty and staff service hours. Over 15 million annual hours each year and 500 partnerships with local, national, and international organizations to help better service the USA community.

Creighton Athletics: Go Bluejays!

Creighton University is not just about academics. It also holds a strong footing in the world of athletics, with a Division I athletic program that competes in the Big East Conference.


This mindset has helped Creighton to build the strongest teams in Nebraska because it fosters a space where everyone feels safe and cared for: those are the main ingredients for any solid and successful team.

The UC Bluejays have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to come out on top.

Creighton University Built On Success

The university boasts of 16 varsity sports, including baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. These teams have seen quite a bit of success over the years.

The men’s basketball team, for instance, has made 23 appearances in the NCAA Tournament,

The women’s basketball team has also been to the NCAA Tournament 17 times.


The men’s golf team has taken home the NCAA Championship title twice, in 1982 and 2022, while the men’s soccer team has won the Big East Conference Tournament five times.

Fueling the spirit of these athletic endeavors is the enthusiastic fan base. The men’s basketball team hosts their home games at the CHI Health Center Omaha, accommodating up to 18,000 spectators, while the D.J. Sokol Arena, home to the women’s basketball team, can hold up to 6,800 fans.

Creighton’s athletic program is an integral part of the Omaha’s identity. It instills a sense of pride and achievement in students and plays a crucial role in attracting top-tier students and athletes from across the country.

The excitement and camaraderie fostered by these sports events create unforgettable memories, enhancing the overall Creighton University experience.

Josh Jones history

Josh Jones is an Omaha Central and Bluejay star who had to retire prematurely from varsity Basketball due to a genetic heart condition. 

This condition took a toll on his health, and he needed significant surgical procedures and aftercare to improve his quality of life.

Thanks to the Nebraska Greats Foundation Fund, we provided residual co-pays from Jones insurance benefits. Nowadays, Josh is still a big Bluejay and a healthy basketball fan. 

Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) is an organization that seeks to make a difference in the lives of former athletes in the state of Nebraska. 

The foundation provides financial assistance to athletes who have suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses and can´t afford full medical care. The organization comprises community members passionate about sports and about giving back to athletic talents. NGF is a beacon of hope and kindness for those who have dedicated their lives to athletic excellence.

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College. CLICK HERE to apply for help and CLICK HERE to refer an athlete needing care so we can help.

UNL Football and sports program

UNL Football and sports program

Have you ever felt the electric energy of a college game? What makes us so passionate about cheering for our team? Why do we love UNL Football, basketball, or any Nebraska Huskers games so much? What drives our spirit? 

We believe college sports are exciting because they bring together students, faculty, alumni, and fans from across campus and worldwide, creating a thrilling and passionate community. For the  University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), this community has produced some of the Midwest’s most talented football and basketball athletes. 


UNL Husker

Herbie Husker, or as we often call him: “Husker,” is the UNL official mascot, and it’s the character that represents every UNL athlete and fan out there. “Huskers” is a name that means more than just trophies and awards. In this blog, we will delve beyond the gold medals and into how the UNL shapes students’ lives for the better.

The UNL is a public research university located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Founded in 1869. The UNL has become one of the leading universities in the Midwest for its athletic program. From football games at Memorial Stadium to basketball tournaments at Pinnacle Bank Arena, UNL provides fun and dynamic spaces for students and community to get together. 

Any Huskers program aims to recruit and develop students and guide them to achieve the highest level in academics, athletics, and life, all served by hard-working professionals looking to make Nebraska athletics elite.

-university-of-nebraska-lincoln UNL Football

UNL Athletic Success

Integrity, trust, respect, teamwork, and loyalty: These values are not just filler words but the foundation for the campus community. By having these core values at the center of each interaction, the university creates a strong team of athletes that can succeed beyond any sport. These values allow the Huskers students to be accountable and respectable humans for the rest of their lives. 

For the University of Nebraska Lincoln, success is more than just winning games. For coaches, teachers, and directors, students’ well-being is the top priority, so they make sure all athletes receive the support they need to thrive in all areas of their academic and personal lives.

From the many accomplishments UNL Huskers have made throughout the years, we can highlight the 29 national titles in school history and five national championships in football. Husker teams have also won eight national titles in men’s gymnastics, eight in women’s bowling, five in women’s volleyball, and three in women’s indoor track and field.

These achievements are impressive, but where do we stand in all of this? What do WE give back to these fantastic people who have done so much for the sports community? 

-university-of-nebraska-lincoln UNL Football

At the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF), we wish to give back to all people that have invested years of their life into making the UNL the strong sports school it is today; that is why the NGF is always looking for former athletes that need our help to improve their quality of life through medical funding or assistance.

Anthony Branch

Anthony, a former UNL Football player, moved from Idaho to Lincoln because he believed in Coach Tom Osborne and the University of Nebraska. He poured his heart and soul into the Huskers team until he earned a wingback spot on the roster. Since then, Branch has stayed close with his Huskers teammates and coaches.

After a long and satisfactory football career playing for the University of Nebraska, he is now a dedicated and caring father and grandfather; however, he was hit with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a hereditary condition that threatened to take his health down a dark road. 

This disease causes cysts to develop around the kidneys, resulting in function loss over the years. This did not stop Anthony from continuing his joyful life. With help from the Nebraska Graets Foundations, he received the assistance he needed to cover his medical expenses. 

Larry Florence

Larry was a UNL Basketball standout performer in the late ’90s. In his senior season, Florence was the only Husker to start all 30 games and led Nebraska in scoring at 13.0 points per game. All his hard work throughout the years regarded him to the title of Husker Power Male Athlete of the Year in 1999.

After a long and successful career in Basketball, Larry faced one of his life’s toughest opponents: cancer. It was a brutal fight, but he wasn’t alone. At the NGF, we could help him with travel expenses for the treatment he needed away from home. With this support, Larry was able to focus on his health and keep fighting his battle.

UNL Football

Nebraska Greats Foundation

At the Nebraska Greats Foundation, we recognize the great labor students and graduates put in daily to make the Huskers a top team. We know the huge lengths athletes will go to be the best of the best; we know how much time is invested in their bodies and mind.

Our mission is simple: we want to be there for people when they need us the most. So, join us in making a difference!

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College. CLICK HERE to apply for help and CLICK HERE to refer an athlete needing care so we can help.

Hoibergs Headline the 2023 Tom Dinsdale Auto Celebrity Sports Jamboree Presented By 1st State Bank

Hoibergs Headline the 2023 Tom Dinsdale Auto Celebrity Sports Jamboree Presented By 1st State Bank

The Nebraska Greats Foundation brings a celebrity event this summer to Grand Island’s Riverside Golf Club for the 5th consecutive year.

Thursday night, July 20th, the event will feature dinner, cocktails, auction items, tributes and testimonials to and from recipients served by NGF support.

The Thursday night event is headlined by Husker Men’s Basketball Coach Fred Hoiberg and wife Carol.

Says Hoiberg, “Carol and I are thrilled to be a part of the event in Grand Island in support of the Nebraska Greats Foundation. The NGF does amazing things for athletes and their families and since there is no other organization like it in the country, it’s just another reason there truly is no place like Nebraska.”

To date, The NGF has provided life-changing assistance to men and women former letterwinners at 12 of Nebraska’s 16 4-year colleges and universities including three former Husker Basketball standouts Bernard Day, Larry Florence and Ade Dagundaro.

Click here for a complete list of Nebraska Greats Foundation recipients.

On Friday, July 21st college athletes will serve as celebrity “captains” for area golfers for a round on the course at Riverside to benefit NGF recipients.

More information and an event schedule will be available later this spring.

Ameritas Executive Gustin Named to the Board of Directors for the NGF

Ameritas Executive Gustin Named to the Board of Directors for the NGF

The Nebraska Greats Foundation ( which serves former collegiate athletes from Nebraska with medical and educational needs, and financial challenges announces the addition of longtime Ameritas Executive Karen Gustin to the Board of Directors. Her three-year term was unanimously approved by the current board members.

She retired after a 40-year association with the Lincoln-based Insurance and Financial Services giant serving as Executive Vice President for the Group Dental and Eye Care divisions. A 1983 UNL graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, she remains active in the alumni association and the alumni marching band.  In the community, she served as Board President for Voices of Hope.

Said Gustin, “The Nebraska Greats Foundation epitomizes what Nebraskans are about. I think it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment when athletes are competing, and we quickly move on to the next season and player. I’m extremely excited to help keep the spotlight on their lives and let them know they weren’t just a game for they are family.”

“Karen is corporate and community rock star! We are thrilled and very fortunate to have her commitment to our mission. She is a great Nebraskan and a passionate fan of collegiate athletes,” said NGF Board President Johnny Dorn.

She joins a board consisting of athletic, education and community leaders in support of athletic heroes in their time of need. They are Dorn, Brett Wetton, Bill Hamik, Bruce Rasmussen, Eric Crouch, Rod Kestel, Boyd Epley, Matt West, Tom Dinsdale, Monte Kratzenstein and Chairman/Founder Jerry Murtaugh.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation Assists a Former Husker Football Player

The Nebraska Greats Foundation Assists a Former Husker Football Player

The Nebraska Greats Foundation Assists a Former Husker Football Player

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (501C-3 non profit) which serves former letter winners from Nebraska’s 4-year colleges and universities who face medical and financial challenges, proudly announces a grant for former Husker football letter winner Paul Kastl.

The NGF is assisting Paul with past due medical expenses.

Kastl, who lettered at Nebraska from 1998-2002, was a walk-on running back after a standout HS career at Lincoln Pius X.

Says Kastl, “I’d like to say that I’m honored and blessed to have been introduced to the NE Greats foundation and their amazing staff. They have come to my side in a great time of need. I cannot thank them enough.”