Nebraska Women’s Bowling at UNL: The Secret Behind the Power

Nebraska Women’s Bowling Power at UNL

The Nebraska women’s bowling team at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) is one of the most successful varsity bowling teams in the USA and for good reason. This group of strong women has been killing it this season at the Junior Gold Championships- 2023 and has an impressive hall of fame that is proof of their continuous success. In the past few years, the team alone has won 116 titles in 242 competitions. 

Today we delve deeper into the history of bowling in Lincoln, NE, as well as how this team came to be and how they became the powerful team they are today. 

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Is Bowling a Sport? 

Many of you might be wondering if bowling is even considered a sport. And the answer is a loud and clear, “Yes!” We understand the skepticism. After all, bowling can also be a recreational activity, or a fun way to spend a Saturday night with friends or family.

Now, if you’re still doubtful, let’s talk about the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s women’s bowling team. These young women are the epitome of dedication and talent.

Bowling is a game of strategy and finesse. It requires a keen eye, a steady hand, and the ability to think several steps ahead. It’s about more than just knocking down pins; it’s about doing so consistently, round after round.

The Importance of the Women’s Bowling Team at UNL

The significance of the women’s bowling team at the University of Nebraska Lincoln cannot be overstated. They are more than just a team; they are an embodiment of dedication, skill, and camaraderie that extends far beyond the confines of the bowling alley.

The UNL women’s bowling team is a beacon of community. The bond between the players is palpable, creating a sense of belonging and mutual support that is truly inspiring. Their close knight friendship and resilience is a testament to the power of teamwork and shared goals.

These women serve as role models for aspiring athletes everywhere, demonstrating that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a supportive community, anything is possible. They show us that every sport, no matter how traditionally recognized, deserves our respect and recognition. 

The UNL Bowling team has made its mark and established a significant presence in the world of varsity bowling, putting Nebraska and the Cornhuskers front and center in the sports world. 

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The History of Nebraska Women’s Bowling Team

To fully appreciate the journey of the women’s bowling team at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), it’s essential to understand the deep roots of the sport itself. Bowling is one of the oldest games in the world.

The sport underwent significant evolution over the centuries, with different forms emerging in various cultures. Interestingly, bowling at pins likely began not as a recreational activity but as a religious ceremony in ancient Germany. 

Now, let’s fast forward to the dawn of bowling in Nebraska. The sport gained popularity in the United States in the 19th century, with the first indoor alleys built in New York City. It wasn’t long before the sport made its way to the Midwest.

The establishment of the women’s bowling team at UNL marked a significant milestone in the history of the sport in Nebraska. The team’s inception signaled a new era, one that recognized and celebrated female athletes’ contributions to the sport.

Over the years, the UNL women’s bowling team has achieved incredible success, with 14 Husker bowlers qualifying for nationals and 116 tournament titles since 2021. Their success has been so extraordinary that they’ve established themselves as the NCAA’s premier bowling program, having won eleven national championships and consistently qualifying for every NCAA Bowling Championship.

This illustrious history and remarkable track record have firmly placed the women’s bowling team at UNL in the Bowling Hall of Fame. As they continue to break records and inspire future generations, they carry on the rich history of bowling, adding their own chapters to its ongoing narrative.

Nebraska Women’s Bowling Training Process

The training process for our bowlers at the University of Nebraska Lincoln is a rigorous and meticulously planned regimen designed to hone their skills and prepare them for the challenges of competitive bowling.

While bowling may not require the same level of physical assertiveness as some other sports, it demands a unique blend of physical strength, precision, and mental toughness. Our athletes train intensively, focusing on both the physical and strategic aspects of the game.

Accuracy and consistency are other critical components of the training process. Bowling is a game of precision; hence, the team spends hours practicing their shots, aiming for consistent delivery, and mastering their technique.

Nebraska Women’s Bowling Husker Training Center

The Husker Training Center, located at the East Campus Union of the University of Nebraska, is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to nurturing the talents of the university’s bowling teams. 

Opened again in September 2020 after the renovation, Cornhuskers now can enjoy six lanes that provide the perfect training ground for our athletes. 

This comprehensive training facility allows the team to practice three hours a day, six days a week, providing them with ample opportunity to hone their skills, strategize, and build team cohesion. The center has become more than just a bowling alley; it is a house and safe space for the team. It also has the coaches’ offices, a pro shop, a player locker room, and a lounge.

The pro shop guarantees players access to top gear equipment, like shoes, balls, uniforms, and every necessary item to make them feel more comfortable while playing. 

Since its establishment, the Husker Training Center has played a pivotal role in the team’s success by offering a dedicated, high-quality training environment. The influence of this facility on the team’s performance is evident in their numerous championship titles and consistent high-level performances.

What ‘s To Come FOR THE Nebraska Women’s Bowling TEAM?

As the Nebraska women’s bowling team continues to break boundaries and redefine the perception of bowling as a competitive sport, we eagerly anticipate their upcoming matches. According to the latest schedule, the team has an exciting lineup of games that will surely keep us on the edge of our seats.

Their journey is more than just about winning games; it’s about inspiring others through their skill, passion, and unwavering dedication to the sport they love. It’s about showing the world that bowling is not just a pastime but a disciplined sport that requires precision, strategy, and tenacity.

With each game they play, each pin they knock down, they are not only scoring points but also making a statement that every sport deserves respect and recognition and that determination coupled with hard work can lead to extraordinary achievements. 

So, the next time someone questions whether bowling is a sport, remember all the triumphs and tournaments of the UNL team, their impressive victories, and the undeniable skill they exhibit on the lanes. And then affirm that “Yes, bowling is a sport, and Nebraska just happens to have one of the best teams in the US.”

The future holds immense potential for the UNL women’s bowling team, and we are excited to cheer them on as they continue to make their mark in the world of vasity bowling.

The Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to former athletes and ex-athletes from Nebraska’s colleges and universities who face medical challenges. 

Thanks to this support, we can alleviate some of the mental health issues that Nebraska athletes are going through during their recovery process.

If you know of an athlete friend or family member that needs access to specific treatments and services, let us know to potentially alleviate some of the stress associated with managing these conditions.

With your help, we can make the Nebraska sports scene a safer place for our community athletes. Wondering how to help? Donate today or reach out to us. 

Volleyball Night in Nebraska: The event of the year

Volleyball Night in Nebraska

The Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF) and Farmers Mutual Insurance are proud to announce “Volleyball Night in Nebraska,” an extraordinary evening celebrating the success of Nebraska volleyball, scheduled for August 12, 2023, at the Rococo Theater in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This historic event will feature Justine Wong-Orantes, Kelsey Robinson, and Jordan Larson, Olympic gold medalists and former Husker Volleyball standouts, who led the US team to its first-ever Olympic  Gold in the 2020 Tokyo Games.  

Volleyball Night in Nebraska

About The Volleyball Night in Nebraska

The event, sponsored by Farmers Mutual Insurance, will include live and mobile bidding auction items and appearances by athletes served by the NGF, an organization providing assistance to  Nebraska-based letter-winning athletes facing medical, substance abuse, and financial challenges.  

This dinner event is a key highlight in a series of volleyball activities involving the University of  Nebraska Lincoln, University of Nebraska Omaha, University of Nebraska Kearney, and Wayne State  College, set to take place this August.  

Among these, a monumental volleyball event at Memorial Stadium stands out, an occasion that saw tickets sell out within just three days. This underscores the enormous popularity and statewide support for volleyball in Nebraska. 

“We’re thrilled to host these esteemed athletes, along with Coach John Cook, for an informal Q&A  session,” said Jim Rose, NGF Executive Director. “This is a unique opportunity for fans to engage with  their volleyball heroes.” 

Volleyball Night in Nebraska NGF

The state’s fervor for the sport has even caught the attention of Governor Jim Pillen, who will issue a  special proclamation in recognition of volleyball’s significant impact on Nebraska. 

Head Coach John Cook expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming month of volleyball, stating, “This is going to be a monumental month for volleyball in Nebraska. We’re not only dreaming big but  achieving big, fostering a true statewide celebration of the sport we all love.” 

NGF Executive Director, Jim Rose, stated, “Our gratitude extends to all our generous sponsors,  including NRG Media (B107 FM), Olsson and Associates, WarHorse Casino, and Two Brother’s  Creative. Their support is pivotal in making this celebration of Nebraska volleyball a reality.” 

the Nebraska greats foundation

Adding to the excitement, the 2023 Husker Volleyball team will be present, along with approximately  400 area youth volleyball players and their parents.  

Farmers Mutual Insurance CEO, Mark Walz, echoed these sentiments, expressing his company’s pleasure in supporting the NGF event. “We have a great love for the State of Nebraska, Husker  Women’s Volleyball, and the mission of the Nebraska Greats Foundation. It’s our honor to support this  event.”

Olympian Jordan Larson added, “I’m excited to join the Nebraska Greats Foundation. It’s an honor for me to not only have represented the USA but also Nebraska around the world. Looking forward to  seeing you all soon.” 


Tickets for this unforgettable night are available HERE. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Nebraska Greats Foundation, benefiting former collegiate letter-winning athletes in need. 

Join us for a night of celebration, camaraderie, and support for our Nebraska athletes.  

For more information about the Nebraska Greats Foundation, click here or follow the  Nebraska Greats Foundation on Facebook

About the Nebraska Greats Foundation 

The Nebraska Greats Foundation provides financial assistance to former letter-winning athletes from any of Nebraska’s 16 four-year colleges and universities facing medical and financial challenges. The  Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3 organization. 

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Jim Rose, Executive Director

UNL Football and sports program

UNL Football and sports program

Have you ever felt the electric energy of a college game? What makes us so passionate about cheering for our team? Why do we love UNL Football, basketball, or any Nebraska Huskers games so much? What drives our spirit? 

We believe college sports are exciting because they bring together students, faculty, alumni, and fans from across campus and worldwide, creating a thrilling and passionate community. For the  University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), this community has produced some of the Midwest’s most talented football and basketball athletes. 


UNL Husker

Herbie Husker, or as we often call him: “Husker,” is the UNL official mascot, and it’s the character that represents every UNL athlete and fan out there. “Huskers” is a name that means more than just trophies and awards. In this blog, we will delve beyond the gold medals and into how the UNL shapes students’ lives for the better.

The UNL is a public research university located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Founded in 1869. The UNL has become one of the leading universities in the Midwest for its athletic program. From football games at Memorial Stadium to basketball tournaments at Pinnacle Bank Arena, UNL provides fun and dynamic spaces for students and community to get together. 

Any Huskers program aims to recruit and develop students and guide them to achieve the highest level in academics, athletics, and life, all served by hard-working professionals looking to make Nebraska athletics elite.

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UNL Athletic Success

Integrity, trust, respect, teamwork, and loyalty: These values are not just filler words but the foundation for the campus community. By having these core values at the center of each interaction, the university creates a strong team of athletes that can succeed beyond any sport. These values allow the Huskers students to be accountable and respectable humans for the rest of their lives. 

For the University of Nebraska Lincoln, success is more than just winning games. For coaches, teachers, and directors, students’ well-being is the top priority, so they make sure all athletes receive the support they need to thrive in all areas of their academic and personal lives.

From the many accomplishments UNL Huskers have made throughout the years, we can highlight the 29 national titles in school history and five national championships in football. Husker teams have also won eight national titles in men’s gymnastics, eight in women’s bowling, five in women’s volleyball, and three in women’s indoor track and field.

These achievements are impressive, but where do we stand in all of this? What do WE give back to these fantastic people who have done so much for the sports community? 

-university-of-nebraska-lincoln UNL Football

At the Nebraska Greats Foundation (NGF), we wish to give back to all people that have invested years of their life into making the UNL the strong sports school it is today; that is why the NGF is always looking for former athletes that need our help to improve their quality of life through medical funding or assistance.

Anthony Branch

Anthony, a former UNL Football player, moved from Idaho to Lincoln because he believed in Coach Tom Osborne and the University of Nebraska. He poured his heart and soul into the Huskers team until he earned a wingback spot on the roster. Since then, Branch has stayed close with his Huskers teammates and coaches.

After a long and satisfactory football career playing for the University of Nebraska, he is now a dedicated and caring father and grandfather; however, he was hit with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a hereditary condition that threatened to take his health down a dark road. 

This disease causes cysts to develop around the kidneys, resulting in function loss over the years. This did not stop Anthony from continuing his joyful life. With help from the Nebraska Graets Foundations, he received the assistance he needed to cover his medical expenses. 

Larry Florence

Larry was a UNL Basketball standout performer in the late ’90s. In his senior season, Florence was the only Husker to start all 30 games and led Nebraska in scoring at 13.0 points per game. All his hard work throughout the years regarded him to the title of Husker Power Male Athlete of the Year in 1999.

After a long and successful career in Basketball, Larry faced one of his life’s toughest opponents: cancer. It was a brutal fight, but he wasn’t alone. At the NGF, we could help him with travel expenses for the treatment he needed away from home. With this support, Larry was able to focus on his health and keep fighting his battle.

UNL Football

Nebraska Greats Foundation

At the Nebraska Greats Foundation, we recognize the great labor students and graduates put in daily to make the Huskers a top team. We know the huge lengths athletes will go to be the best of the best; we know how much time is invested in their bodies and mind.

Our mission is simple: we want to be there for people when they need us the most. So, join us in making a difference!

If you are a current or former college athlete letter-winner and need medical or financial assistance, the Nebraska Greats Foundation is here to help you just like we’ve helped all of our recipients from all 16 colleges in Nebraska, including Wayne State College. CLICK HERE to apply for help and CLICK HERE to refer an athlete needing care so we can help.